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Plastic sorting with NIR

Plastics Recycling: Pure and Contaminant-free

The recovery of high-purity plastics is a central task in the recycling of household wastes, packaging and production wastes. STEINERT is a single-source supplier of a complete range of sorting machines, regardless of whether the task at hand is the sorting of plastics, metals separation or the removal of rocks and glass.
Near-infrared (NIR) technology is used in the processing of household wastes to recover large pieces of plastic, such as PET bottles, packaging, PE bottles and films or the housings from electronic scrap.
These coarse materials are often joined to other plastics or even other materials such as metals. Rocks and glass also occur. The separation of non-polymer contaminants and the recovery of high-purity plastics requires further processing beginning with comminution and sieving, and continuing with washing processes and the sorting of plastic flakes to obtain a high-purity plastic product. Sorting is not limited to simply sorting ABS, PS, PET or HDPE according to type; the FSS® colour sorting system can be used to also sort according to colour.
UniSort® near-infrared sorting systems are used for both the coarse sorting of plastics as well as for sorting in the millimetre range.

For tramp material magnetic separators such as magnetic drums are available for iron separation, and eddy current separators can be used for non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, copper and bronze. These methods work with metal fragments as small as one millimetre. Plastic-metal composites are best separated using the ISS® induction sorting system, which effectively protects equipment such as cutting mills against damage from all types of metals. Mineral components, such as rocks and glass, can be extracted using XSS® X-ray sorting systems.

All of the methods cited above are developed, produced and distributed by STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH in Cologne, Germany. This range of systems also demonstrates the company’s comprehensive understanding of the overall process so that the customer can be provided with fast and systematic solution-oriented support.