Plastic film extrusion: Nine-layer lines selling well


The industry-wide trend towards purchasing of plastic film extrusion lines able to process 5 or more layers continues, according to officials at extrusion systems manufacturer Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion, a company that has benefited from the trend.

The manufacturer (Worms, Germany), born of the marriage between the blown film extruder manufacturing operations of Reifenhäuser and Kiefel, the onetime competitor it acquired in 2009, ran a 9-layer blown film extrusion system at last October's K trade show, and says that since then it has been able to sell six new 9-layer blown film lines worldwide.

Moving to a higher number of layers in multi-layer film production improves flexibility and can help a processor save raw material costs, as we've reported in the past. Although a multi-layer line requires a higher initial investment, processors with the right mix of products will save enough on materials in the long run to justify the higher upfront capital cost.
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