Plastic egg packaging boils down to precision


Mastering the art of boiling an egg is no easy feat. If you wait too long after taking off heat, they end up with green-gray yolks and shells that are a nuisance to peel off. The New Egg Co., based in Nottingham, has come to the aid of home cooks by developing a foolproof way to get that perfect runny yolk...every time. Consumers can now enjoy the convenience of a perfect soft-boiled egg in just five minutes thanks to Yowk, a bespoke-designed pack that includes a pre-boiled egg, bread sticks, a spoon and seasoning. All that is required is boiling water.

The New Egg Co. worked with RPC Design and RPC Bebo UK to design the ideal pack format. RPC Design came up with a two piece pack thermoformed in polypropylene, making up a round pot and snap-on lid. The base of the pack incorporates a hollowed out section for the egg to sit in, while the ‘egg cup’ shape of the underside of the lid fits over the egg in the pack, ensuring it remains stable during transit.
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