Plastic bag bans are bad for your health


There's finally incontrovertible proof that plastic bag bans are bad for your health. That should be very disturbing news to all of those who have managed to force people into using reusable grocery bags via plastic bag bans and taxes.

In the the Social Science Research Network article "Grocery Bag Bans and Foodborne Illnesses" by Joshua D. Wright and Jonathan Klick, evidence is presented that plastic bag bans, or more specifically reusable bags that become contaminated, are bad for your health. Klick of the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Wright of the George Mason University School of Law, examined emergency room admissions records related to bacterial intestinal infections, especially those related to E. coli in the wake of San Francisco's 2007 countywide ban on plastic bags in large grocery stores and drug stores. That ban was extended to all retail establishments in early 2012. ...
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