Plastic additives said to lower pharma packaging cycle times up to 12%


New Mevopur additives from supplier Clariant are said to give pharmaceutical packaging processors a productivity boost of up to 12% increase in production rate. In addition, these additives for polyolefins are claimed to improve stiffness, meaning processors potentially can reduce their use of plastics and save on piece cost.

Clariant, based in Muttenz, Switzerland, reports that in tests during processing of injection and injection/compression molded caps, Mevopur nucleating agents enable molders to achieve an increase in production rates of up to 12% compared to non-nucleated homopolymer polypropylene (PP) and improvements compared to conventional nucleants. The cycle time reductions stem from these additives' ability to improve the rate of crystallization and the crystallization temperature versus conventional technology in homopolymer and random copolymer PP and in high- and low-density polyethylene (PE).

Mevopur nucleants can also make these polymers more rigid, without degrading impact strength, says Clariant. This allows processors to create thinner-walled part sections and generate raw material savings. In PP homopolymer the stiffness as indicated by the flexural modulus is increased by 10% and the thermal performance is boosted by 20%, as measured by heat distortion temperature....
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