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Pixargus: Drillhole Inspection makes automatic installation of door seals safe and reliable

ProfilControl Surface systems inspect the surfaces of profiles.

100-percent inline inspection instead of random checks and manual measurements

At “K 2013”, Pixargus will introduce the new “Drillhole Inspection” module for its ProfilControl Surface (PCS) systems, which now in addition to inspecting the surfaces of rubber or caoutchouc profiles can also check the presence and position of drillholes in door seals for vehicles.

In the manufacture of sealing profiles for vehicle doors, the Drillhole Inspection module checks as early as during the production process whether all venting and drill holes have been made and whether they are all in the right position. The system triggers an alarm as soon as it detects that a drill hole is missing, that it does not have the correct diameter or shape, or that the spacing between the holes is not as it should be.

Especially for automated assembling processes, this type of inspection is paramount as it ensures that the door seals can be installed quickly and reliably. In the past, checking the drillhole positions was a very complicated procedure prone to errors because the high production speeds make it impossible to take a manual measurement of each spacing. Consequently, manual checks were only made on a random basis. Now, the new module makes it possible for the first time to check the entire profile in an inline process.

With the Drillhole Inspection module, Pixargus is complementing its line of inspection systems for sealing profiles used in automotive construction. It belongs to the family of Pixargus ProfilControl Surface (PCS) systems, which inspect the surface condition of profiles in an inline procedure.

As soon as the module detects any out-of-spec condition, it displays the defect and the defect class, and sends out a signal. The signal can be used to mark out-of-spec sections of the profiles or control downstream cutting and sorting equipment. This relieves the human inspector from the monotonous task of visual checks and painstaking sorting of the profiles into good and bad.

The direct feedback of ProfilControl 6 data into the process makes it possible to correct the production process without delay, ensuring that defects do not continue along the profile.