Piovan’s Modula drying technology supports BMW i3 and i8 production

Piovan's material handling and drying equipment is playing a central role in BMW's new i3 and i8 production facilities after beating out five competitors on the basis of energy efficiency, ease of use, and productivity. Two sets of Piovan Modula drying technology were supplied to BMW, with each consisting of a single dry-air generator and seven drying hoppers with volumes ranging from 600 to 1000 liters. BMW also purchased Piovan's Varyo vacuum conveying systems, MDW gravimetric blenders, and Winfactory control system.

Installed at one of the new German production sites for the i3 and i8 vehicle lines, the two Modula systems will eventually support 12 injection molding production lines, with six lines installed in a first phase of production.

BMW will mainly be drying blends, according to Piovan, including ones with a polypropylene or polycarbonate base, like PP/EPDM and PC/SAN. Parts are molded and immediately transferred to painting lines. A Piovan release noted that this represents a very sensitive production stage in which silicone particles are not allowed. The fact that Modula system has no silicone components or parts that could contaminate that painting step was reportedly a key factor in the German auto maker choosing the Italian technology....

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