Phosphorus flame retardant works in low loadings, effective in styrenics, polyamides

Teijin Limited (Tokyo) has developed a new type of phosphorus flame retardant dubbed Fireguard FCX-210 that can be used for a wide range of resins. Previously, such flame retardants were mainly used for polycarbonate and polyester resins but the new Teijin product is equally applicable to include styrenic resins such as ABS and polystyrene (PS) as well as polyamide (PS) resins, with which conventional phosphorus flame retardants are less effective.

Adding conventional phosphorus flame retardants to resins generally reduces their effectiveness. However, Fireguard FCX-210 loses none of its flame retarding properties and can be added without changing the inherent properties of the resin. Additionally, only a relatively small amount is necessary. With high impact polystyrene, for example, the necessary amount of flame retardant is reduced by approximately 40%. Fireguard FCX-210 is also a halogen-free product, making it safer for end-users and more environmentally friendly.

Fireguard FCX-210 is a new type of phosphorus flame retardant, developed using Teijin's proprietary molecular design technology, which imparts high flame retardancy to a broad range of plastics widely used in office equipment, electronic appliances, game consoles, and automobiles.