Philips' Austrian plant signals benefits of machine upgrade

What's the payback on new injection molding machinery? That's often hard to determine, and as a result many molders keep equipment well beyond what beyond what many (particularly in the machinery supply business) may consider to be their useful life. It's not unusual to walk into a well-established American molder and see a machine tucked in the corner that's more than 20 years old still pumping out parts. Sometimes with a dedicated mold and running 24/7.

A new case history out of Europe from Wittmann Battenfeld offers some interesting insights into exactly what are some of the benefits of a spanking-new machine system. Molders who haven't been to a recent NPE or Kshow may be surprised at the improvements in reliability, speed and energy efficiency in recent years.

A Philips plant in Klangenfurt, Austria is a product development center and precision component manufacturer for shavers and epilators, and drive systems for the Sonicare toothbrush.

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