Ansteckungsgefahr lauert am Waschbecken im Siphon.
© istockphoto [dim_it:pic_desc]There are dangers everywhere. The U-shaped pipes (traps) located underneath the washbasins in patients’ rooms are an underestimated source of pathogens, for example. The magazine “Management & Krankenhaus” warns that the liquid retained in the trap contains up to ten billion living germs per millilitre. It is reported that aerosol formation leads to the transfer of them to the hands of hospital staff, where Pseudomonas aeruginosa – which causes urinary tract infections, pneumonia and meningitis – survives for longer than an hour. Enough time to be passed on to patients during care activities. Nosocomial infections (the term comes from the Greek words “nosos” = “illness” and “komein” = “care”) are also attributable to contaminated medical devices, drugs and food.[/dim_it:pic_desc]