Palmer and BioBased announce strategic alliance

Palmer International has more than 50 years experience working with cashew nutshell liquid and developing marketable products that are functional and sustainable. Palmer is responsible for scale-up and manufacturing of the new products.

"This cashew polyol has strong technical merit," states Kevin Palmer, Chief Executive Officer of Palmer, "and combined with our existing infrastructure and manufacturing expertise, as well as the application and marketing prowess of BioBased Technologies, we offer our customers the best, possible value."

BioBased has experience selling and marketing bio-based polyols because of its Agrol polyol line, and knowledge of the rigid foam market through its Insulation Division. BioBased will be responsible for research and development of the new polyol in rigid foam systems, marketing and sales of the final product.

"We believe this new bio-based polyol will compliment our existing line of polyols,” said Amy Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer of BioBased. "This allows us to use a new, renewable feedstock, and will give our customers more options to help increase the sustainability of their end products.”

Both companies have collaborated in the development of this new polyol to make sure it is a bio-based drop-in replacement for the traditional polyols that it is targeted to replace. The partners will make use of both companies' existing research and manufact