Pain-free colonoscopy relies on special polymers


A new colonoscopy technology described as pain-free requires an oil-resistant plastic, a requirement common in the automotive market, but rare in medical.

Colonoscopes are devices mounted with cameras that can identify growths in bowels that may lead to cancer. Colonoscopies have become a routine screening procedure for people in the US who are over 50 years of age, but many avoid the test because of fear of pain or sedation.

The SC2 disposable colonoscope developed by invendo medical of Kissing, Germany is gently advanced by six motorized gears in a housing that looks something like the outside of a fishing reel. The scope, which relies on special plastics, consists of a shaft contained within a hose. The basic stiffness of the hose is lower than that of the endoscope shaft, which acts as a guide through the curving colon. At times the hose can be made stiffer than the shaft.
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