Packaging market reconfigures after decade of consolidation


More than half of the top 50 packaging companies have been eliminated or changed ownership over the past decade. What does that mean to the plastics industry segment? As the consolidation of the packaging industry increases, the industry has witnessed a rise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Tom Blaige, chairman and CEO of Blaige & Company a Chicago-based packaging, plastics and chemicals industry advisory group for mergers and acquisition management, looked at the top 50 packaging firms from 2001 to today, then looked to see if they were still operating, or still in existence.

Blaige told PlasticsToday that within packaging, an average of 40% of the top 50 companies have been eliminated since 2001, while 13% have had a change in ownership and an astounding 53% have merged or sold. "On top of which," Blaige said, "an additional 20% of packaging companies have used M&A as a strategy, primarily buy-side acquisitions or recapitalizations." ...
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