Packaging has consumers feeling wrapped with rage

Packaging does so much good. It enables the distribution of goods in a durable way and it might even help to solve some food waste issues around the world.

But that doesn't mean it's a perfect solution.

For instance, according to a survey from the UK consumer watch group, Which?, about four in ten people have hurt themselves while trying to open packaging sometime during the last two years. The group said that if they scale that up to the UK population, it would equate to 25 million people.

They surveyed more than 2000 people and found:
• A quarter (24%) regularly need help to open packaging and one in five (19%) say, when they're out shopping, their food choices are limited by complicated packaging.
• Consumers used a range of implements to open packaging, from scissors (89%), knives (66%), Stanley knives (8%) and screwdrivers (6%). Some people even used razor blades (4%) and hammers (2%) to get to their goods....

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