Pack Expo: Milliken launches new breakthrough nucleating agent for HDPE


After about 10 years of research and development, Milliken and Co. unveiled what it calls a "game changer" for injection molded high density polyethylene (HDPE) applications. This new technology, which Milliken introduced at Pack Expo (booth E-10513), features a unique crystalline orientation that reportedly improves the mechanical performance of HDPE to levels approaching those of polypropylene (PP) impact copolymers.

The Hyperform HPN 210 M nucleator gives molders new processing options for packaging and material handling applications.

Reed Walker, business development and marketing manager for Milliken's plastics additives business, told PlasticsToday that the new additive is targeting material handing applications such as waste containers, totes, crates and pallets. The Hyperform HPN 210 M enables an improvement in physical properties part quality and production. For instance, an unnucleated HDPE pallet tends to experience warpage, whereas the new nucleating agent will help reduce this issue.

Walker said that the control of warpage opens the window for PE to become a preferred material in molds that traditionally run with PP.
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