Pack Expo 2013: Dow Chemical talks shale gas, launches Pack Studios

Las Vegas - When your company has announced significant developments for shale gas, it's guaranteed to be a topic of conversation.

As such, Dow Chemical recently announced the locations for expanding four of its brand franchises in Texas and Louisiana.

"Shale gas is changing the game in terms of cost competiveness," Dow Chemical's Greg Jozwiak, commercial VP for North America packaging and specialty plastics, told PlasticsToday at Pack Expo. "It also provides a great opportunity for the packaging industry. There's the potential of reshoring and bringing that work and manufacturing back to the U.S."

The gap between supply and demand for polyethylene has been growing rapidly, due to an increased desire for packaging that improves sustainability and keeps products protected, among other factors. Dow believes these facilities will help close that gap, and these investments are key to helping the company accelerate its innovation and create new products faster....

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