PVC industry sets high recycling goals for new voluntary commitment


With VinylPlus, its new 10-yr voluntary commitment, the European PVC industry has setting the bar for success high. Concrete targets in the VinylPlus commitment include the recycling of 800,000 tonnes of PVC per year by 2020, more than triple current volumes.

VinylPlus builds upon the achievements of the European industry's Vinyl 2010 program. The regional scope of the program is the EU-27 plus Norway and Switzerland, with plastic and additives suppliers, compounders, distributors and processors participating in the program. Developing the VinylPlus program were officials from all of these plus from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), regulators and public representatives.

Five key sustainable development challenges have been identified for PVC together with a set of working principles. The first four challenges are technical in nature while the fifth challenge addresses raising awareness and understanding of the importance of sustainable development. Each of the challenges is based on the "System Conditions for a Sustainable Society" as advocated by environmental group The Natural Step....
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