PU systems for concrete form liners

The Duramould ETM range of polyurethane systems consists of four hardnesses, 30 50, 60, and 75 Shore A. This hardness range helps the designer to select the most suitable product for a particular design. Deep draw moulds at 30 Shore A provide toughness and flexibility enabling Duramould to give multiple reproductions. Duramould ETM 75A has good stiffness and low shrinkage allowing for detail and symmetry from the stamping pad.

All the Duramould ETM range gives ‘finger-print' quality reproduction which is enabled by the easy mixing qualities of the system such as simple ratios, low viscosity, long pot life and excellent moisture tolerance.

Dow Formulated Systems has a 30 year track in the concrete and mould making industry. The Duramould systems have been designed to ensure right-first-time manufacture of quality moulds with easy formulation, simplified materials handling and casting, and a quick and efficient manufacturing process, all with the assurance of long-lasting moulds that give excellent reproduction of fine detail. Duramould is available in a choice of grades for hand mixing, machine mixing and spraying, providing the flexibility required for mould making.