PTI Processing Technogies International, LLC

PTi Introduces New REVOLUTION® Roll Stand

Aurora IL – PTi has introduced a new member to their family of REVOLUTION® Roll Stands. The new REVOLUTION® H-Stack features a horizontal roll configuration. The horizontal configuration is particularly well suited to processing materials with low melt strength. When working with low melt strength materials processors have always struggled with material sag and non-uniform sheet cooling due to the sheet contacting the lower roll in a vertical roll stack. With a Horizontal roll configuration, the material can be accurately placed between the cooling rolls insuring that the material is “nipped” on both sides at precisely the same moment.
Additionally, recent developments in applied Horizontal roll stack technology have yielded previously undiscovered benefits in the area of clarified polypropylene thin sheet production.
As with all REVOLUTION® Roll Stands, each roll is individually direct driven and configured with linear bearing guided roll actuation. These features, standard to PTi’s REVOLUTION® family of Roll Stands, provide the precision and repeatability required to process sheet of the highest quality specification.
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