PTI establishes independent closure testing lab


Packaging development and engineering service provider Plastic Technologies Inc. (PTI; Holland, OH) has established what it believes may be the industry's first independent plastic and metal closure testing lab. The lab will offer processors and their customer a wide range of testing options for closures plus ones to test how the closures cap onto bottles.

For PTI, the new lab means it can offer testing for the complete package. "Closure manufacturers have traditionally offered testing support for their products, but up until now there really hasn't been an independent closure evaluation and analysis lab. PTI's new capability complements its previously established bottle testing service. This means that brand owners wanting to test the performance of the entire package now have a one-stop place to go," explains PTI's Greg Fisher, responsible for overseeing the lab.

Closure testing capabilities offered at the new lab include: application, top load vent, removal torque, opening performance, secure seal, carbonation retention, impact, barrier, scavengers, lubricants and others. The lab will also include a single-head capper to test reliable and reproducible capping, as well as a vision system to measure critical dimensions and facilitate tooling evaluations....
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