PSA encouraging plastic packaging recycling featured at the Brooklyn Film Festival

A two-minute animated public service announcement (PSA) covering the growing issue of plastic pollution in the oceans is currently being screened at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

The PSA "The Great Plastic Purge," was created by motion design studio leftchannel for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

For the PSA, leftchannel opted for character animation and went for a 1950s inspired "after school special" to put together both what they call an "entertaining yet informative public service announcement that serves as a call to action for viewers to 'reduce, reuse and recycle' plastic packaging."

Leftchannel says that the NRDC approached the design studio to translate the complex issue of plastic pollution to a visual platform with a positive message; the team was tasked with creating a concept and script that avoided the usually negative tone found in most environmental PSAs. Rather, they harnessed the studio's abilities to marry 2D and 3D character animation with motion design to inform viewers in a positive way, the company stated....

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