Gür-Is Makina San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.

PS-ROLL 900 M: Multi Type Folding, Perforated Garbage Sack on Roll And Perforated Bottom Welded Sack on Roll Machine(Coreless)

• The machine can make cold perforating ‘ Bottom Sealed-One Side Open Garbage Sack-and
‘Bottom Sealed-One Side Open Garbage Sack’ in only one machine according to your demands.
• ‘Star-Style allready folded film on roll’ must be putted to our machine in order to make sealing and produce star style bags. The Triangle Folding Unit(Star-Style Folding Unit) is not included to the Standard machine.
• The machine has ‘Double triangle folding unit’ would make the size starting from quarter size of the sealing width.
• C Type folding’ would make the roll with the half-width of the sealing width of the bag.
• The machine has just single line working system. It doesn’t work double line.
• Suitable for High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) Low Density Polyethylene (L.D.P.E.) bags.and recycled bags.
• Wrapping system is with double stations and automatically.The sacks are wrapped on rolls without core.
• The rolls are changed automaticlly.
• High Speed operation and accurate -lenght to cut- thanks to servo motors,servo drivers and the special program on it
• Working either with or without Photocell
• Manually Rotating Sealing Head and Upper Jaw Unit Support Human Safety and save changing time of teflon.
• Sack lenght,production speed,sack,quantity in a roll can be seen and changed easily via touch screen operator panel.
• Automatic Stop and Message on Screen.
- Rolls are empty.
- Print is not in accurate position.
- Line is broken.
• Max.90 cm diameter of the rolls saves your time and manpower.
• The machine has motor invertor controlled balerina system
• The machine has also second balerina system that is also motor invertor controlled.
• The Machine has Pneumatic Roll Lifting Unit.