Plastisud SAS

PLASTISUD acquires Integrity

Plastisud USA (Mt Vernon)
To meet the needs of the North American market and to increase customer support, PLASTISUD acquired INTEGRITY Mold & Die (Kentucky – USA) in February 2013.
With this acquisition, PLASTISUD begins a worldwide deployment in order to bring more effective solutions to the USA.
Plastisud already exports 80% of its molds to the five continents. With the addition of Integrity, it now has a more robust global presence.
This acquisition allows Integrity to expand its markets and increase its capabilities.
The people at Plastisud–Integrity will continue to support and service existing Integrity customers as well as bringing new services to molds manufactured at Plastisud France.
This acquisition will strengthen the leading position of Plastisud, employing over 200 people with a yearly turnover in excess of $50 MM.