Plasmatreat GmbH

PLASMA POWER at the K-2013

The plasma Openair process selectively cleans and simultaneously activates the plastic surface in a single operation (Photo: Plasmatreat)
__Plasmatreat will be staging an impressive range of plasma installations and demonstrations at this year’s K. The market leader in atmospheric plasma jet technology will not only showcase its latest plasma systems and developments for the environmentally friendly pretreatment of material surfaces; it will also demonstrate its highly effective Openair plasma technology live throughout the entire show.

On their joint 160 m² exhibition stand, Plasmatreat and its system partner and foam technology specialist CeraCon will use a new out-of-the-box robotic cell to demonstrate how a strong bond can be achieved between nonpolar polypropylene plastic and 1-K polyurethane foam simply with the aid of plasma. In addition, atmospheric plasma treatments followed by subsequent coating and bonding applications will be conducted manually throughout each day in a dedicated “plasma demo corner”.

“The dual effect of microfine cleaning and powerful activation in a single step far outweighs the effectiveness of conventional systems. Pretreatment with Openair plasma significantly increases the adhesion capacity and wetability of the material surface in a precisely adjustable manner. This ensures long-time stable bonding of adhesives and coatings even under the most challenging conditions”, explains Christian Buske, CEO of the Plasmatreat Group.

This year Plasmatreat will focus on five particular fields of application: The latest Openair plasma system has been designed to pretreat EPDM profiles of greatly varying size in a fully automated production process. Prior to digital printing or coating, large panels or lightweight boards can now be pretreated using the world's first 180 cm-wide atmospheric plasma system. The high contour precision treatment of geometrically complex headlamp housings will be used to demonstrate how the fully automated, integrated surface analysis tool delivers surface treatment results during the plasma process. “Plasma & Powder” will highlight the environmentally friendly and extremely rapid FPC (Fine Powder Coating) plasma process for creating new, functional plastic metalized surfaces. The company will also be introducing for the first time at a German trade show a new product range which uses low-pressure plasma technology to modify and functionalize polymer surfaces. AURORA was developed jointly with 4th State, Inc., USA and has been successfully marketed in North America for the past two years.