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Drying of PET is more and more integral part of the process of transformation, to the point of becoming a necessary and crucial step. New applications of PET’s, environmentally sustainable PET’s, modified PET’s for extrusion blow molding processes and increased PET supply capacities, require accurate and dependable drying performance. PET is a highly hygroscopic resin, very susceptible to environmental conditions and storage means that, if not properly dried and adequately conditioned, will experience a rapid drop-off in IV which can be detrimental to the blow molding process of PET containers.

A typical resin drying process consumes a large volume of energy, requiring the resin to be exposed to hot, dry air for up to as much as 6 hours. Given the high cost of energy today, a tremendous effort is focused on improving this process to be more energy efficient.

PIOVAN introduces Genesys (www.piovan.com/genesys) , an innovative new resin drying system designed to deliver the lowest energy consumption ever! Through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, such as loss in weight control, airflow management and stabilization, an intelligent regeneration process and advanced industrial PC-based control, Genesys is the next generation of PET resin drying, the only auto-adaptive system available today.

Air flow management and stabilization is key to controlling energy consumption. Piovan has integrated an automatic air flow control and adjustment to reduce energy consumption by 35 – 55% below today’s conventional resin drying systems. Another exclusive and innovative feature of Genesys is the capability to stabilize the airflow in the drying hopper, for a further drastic optimization of the energy utilization.

Because regeneration of the desiccant material consumes tremendous amounts of energy, Genesys recovers almost the entire energy utilized in this step of the drying process. By doing this, Genesys is able to provide savings between 50 – 80% when compared to traditional or current regeneration technology.

Genesys can provide the lowest energy consumption, when compared to any other drying technology available today, guaranteeing overall savings of 30% and up! For a system producing PET performs running resin at a rate of 1,000kg/h, this represents a savings of AT LEAST 220,000kW/h per year!
It represents an important milestone in resin drying technology, for sustainability of the process and energy efficiency.