Penguin Engineers


Penguin Engineers are a leading manufacturer of critical machinery required for rubber hose industry.
Penguin manufactures different models of hose braiding machines, wire bobbin winders, hose wrapping machines, caterpillars, reel type hose take-up and let-off systems for braiders and extruders.

Penguin Engineers have been manufacturing these machines since 1991 and are acknowledged in India and abroad as a reliable manufacturer of technologically advanced machinery needed for hoses built on flexible and rigid mandrels. Penguin machines are designed to international standards and are built to assure highest standards of performance. Penguin rubber hose machinery have enabled large scale manufacture of high quality hoses at competitive price.

Penguin Engineers have opened their new factory building on 16th March 2006. The new production facility was inaugurated by Mr. Lothar E. Ignatzi, Managing Director, Mayer Braidtech GmbH, Germany.