PEEK resin delivers weight savings, reliability


As global trends continue to focus on removing weight for fuel efficiency purposes, lean manufacturing, and greater reliability, design engineers are looking for plastic materials that can perform with the same assurance as traditional metals. The inclusion of high-modulus fibers (HMF) into high-flow Victrex PEEK (polyetheretherketone) materials offers the strength and stiffness that enable displacement of metals such as steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and magnesium in aircraft system attachments, industrial machinery, and semiconductor and medical equipment.

New Victrex PEEK HMF polymers are based on the Victrex 90-Series formulation which has primarily been used to mold tough, thin-wall parts.

"Lightweight thermoplastics such as Victrex PEEK HMF polymers not only can help engineers reduce component weight by up to 80% when compared to metals like steel and brass, but offer an equivalent stiffness and strength proving that our materials are just as capable as the metals they are replacing," explained Stephen Dougherty, Strategic Marketing Manager. "These weight reductions and mechanical properties can potentially lead to efficiencies that were not attainable in the past," said Dougherty....
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