PC/ABS auto roof element brings plastic into horizontal dimension


A new application of polycarbonate-ABS blends (PC+ABS) is premiering together with the new Mercedes SLK. The base version of the convertible is equipped with an electrohydraulic vario roof system having a roughly 0.8-square-meter roof element of Bayblend T85 XF from Bayer MaterialScience (Leverkusen, Germany).

"The roof element, which is coated in the body color offline, demonstrates that our high-performance material makes it possible to take thermoplastic exterior bodywork parts installed horizontally to an entirely new dimension with respect to size while still satisfying the very stringent requirements for comfort, optical quality and dimensional accuracy," says Stefan Schulten, key account manager for Daimler and head of the Exterior Segment in the Automotive Team at Bayer MaterialScience. The PC+ABS roof element is manufactured by Peguform GmbH (Bötzingen, Germany)....
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