PA makes further inroads into oil sumps

The latest commercial example of a plastic fuel sump to be announced comes once again from DSM. The company's Akulon Ultraflow polyamide (PA) 6 resin has been employed in the injection molded oil sump used in the new Mercedes-Benz S Class. The sump joins a cluster of European-based developments over the last several years. Click here and here for more examples.

Needless to say, the oil sump weighs less than a metal version but it also costs less to produce. The sump developed by German Tier One supplier BBP (Marbach am Neckar, Germany) for Mercedes-Benz is around 50% lighter than the metal version it replaces. The two companies subjected it to some very demanding application tests, including vibration, stone impact, and an engine drop test. Oil sumps provide a considerable challenge for developers: their exposed position under the engine means they have to be very resistant to impacts and mechanical stress. ...

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