PAPUA NEW GUINEA: China eyes PNG rubber

The rubber industry in Papua New Guinea has the potential to export directly to Chinese markets.

Potential importers are already in the country exploring potential rubber suppliers who wish to export and establish trade links with consumers in Shanghai, one of the fastest and industrial hubs of China.

Shanghai Xiesong Industrial Co Ltd's (SXIC) representatives recently visited Papua New Guinea to look for trade cooperation with local rubber producers.

SXIC is the fourth largest rubber importer across China since its inception in 2006.

General manger for Shanghai Xiesong Industrial Co Ltd, Zhang Feiyun who was supposed to be part of the delegate could not make it to PNG, but Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce (SFIC) vice-chairman Jin Liang said SXIC was very much interested in establishing dialogue and trade arrangements with rubber producers.

(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)