Overmolded needles demonstrate growing automation


German automation and moldmaking specialist ZAHORANSKY (Freiberg, Germany) will demonstrate an interesting, fully automated system for the glueless production of disposable syringes at Medtec Europe next month in Stuttgart.

Founded in 1902 in a garage in the Black Forest, ZAHORANSKY has leveraged expertise in tooth brush manufacturing into other areas such as medical manufacturing.

Working with Engel, ZAHORANSKY developed a system capable of separating as many as 400 needles per minute. Once separated, a custom servo-driven linear robot lines up and then places individual needles into an injection mold where they are overmolded with cyclo olefin copolymer (COC).

During the insertion phase, previously injected parts are removed at the nozzle-side mold half by a 6-axis articulated robot. COC is then injected via an Ewikon hot runner system with needle valve nozzles. Inserts are thermally separated from the mold to minimize loss of energy and to accomplish a rapid thermal equilibrium in the system....
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