AGS Automation Greifsystem Schwope GmbH

Over 900 components in the system already

Gripper Finger GFI
Two business areas occupy a central position in the activity of AGS – the modular system and construction of complete grippers. The broad modular system, which is compatible with those of other suppliers, already includes more than 800 components for constructing grippers. Owing to the many different components, AGS customers are able to develop their grippers themselves and adapt them to their requirements. The product portfolio is based on the usual profiles, but however comes up with a large number of special solutions. An example of this is the new GFI gripping finger (right-hand picture, a competitor’s gripping finger on the left), which possesses three different finger shapes. The component dispenses in this case with clamping on the cylinder surface. This approach rules out a major source of error. Consequently, the piston can no longer jam. Clamping is performed by means of a prism. A further advantage of the AGS product is the initiator fixing. It can be integrated in the component at any position without hindering the clamping ability. Retrieval of the positions (activated/inactivated) is performed by means of a 4 mm C-groove sensor. An adapter section guarantees perfect adjustment to the contour of a part to be gripped.