Out-of-autoclave chassis weighs in at 80 kg


After nine years and over A$1 million invested, the Australian-designed-and-built FR-1 has become a reality. The one-off, high-performance, concept roadster features a monocoque cockpit chassis molded "out-of-autoclave" at a temperature of only 70°C using an epoxy prepreg with a 200 g/m2, 3k twill carbon-fiber base fabric.

The epoxy carbon cockpit chassis, with approximate dimensions of 2m by 1.5m, weighs only 80 kg but still provides the high torsional rigidity needed. This has been achieved by design optimization in the number and orientation of the carbon fiber plies used. The high mechanical performance of the fabricated chassis laminate has been independently tested, correlated and analysed using FEA analysis, by the Australia Future Fibres Research & Innovation Centre (AFFRIC) at the Deakin University of Melbourne.
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