M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH

Our Highlights at K2013



■ Integrative Management of Material Data

■ Material Modeling and CAE Interfaces

■ Material Data Center with Extended Content,

   -Biopolymer Database

   -Integration of comprehensive texts about plastics

■ Hosting of Customer Specific Material Databases

■ Material Information via Smartphones

■ Services in Relation with Material Data


Detailed information:


As an internationally leading supplier of plastics information and material information systems, M-Base will present the latest developments at the next K show in Düsseldorf, highlighting the integration of material information into all decision processes.


Extensive systems will be demonstrated, which cover the complete workflow for material information, beginning with interfaces to test equipment, test evaluation software, management of laboratory data, statistics, data modeling and CAE interfaces. In addition we present our consulting services in relation with material data, like support with data structuring, optimization of workflows, acquisition and maintenance of material data (including regulatory documents), data preparation and evaluation.


Our flagship "Material Data Center" is an internationally leading information system, covering technical data of the complete plastics market.


Material Data Center presents a unique functionality to support material selection, like search- and table functions, graphical tools, especially for the handling of Multipoint Data, application databases and a growing number of links between numerical technical data and complementary textual information; especially worth mentioning the new plastics encyclopedia. The embedded Biopolymer Database has also been extended. Material Data Center is available at:




most data is accessible for free.


A special new service from M-Base, to be introduced at the K show, is the option of extending the content provided by M-Base with individual customer’s databases. This service saves the efforts and costs for maintaining extensive infrastructure and servers. It can be offered to all companies working with plastics, especially material suppliers, allowing them to manage their internal data and at the same time publish selected content on the internet and also via smartphones. In this context the multi lingual features of our software and the ability to provide flexible layouts for datasheets are of special importance.


We also will present special solutions for plastics distributors and compounders, which have been developed recently.