Ouija Boards, Crystal Balls and Tea Leaves: Moldmaking in 2012


Ed. Note: Before writing about the moldmaking industry, Clare Goldsberry actually started out in the business, selling tools. In the nearly three decades since, she's accumulated a wealth of knowledge and contacts that she brings to bear here in her 2012 predictions for the moldmaking sector. The word on the street: Moldmakers are entering 2012 with a good bit of momentum.

If moldmakers went into 2011 with a bit of fear and trepidation, they're heading out with restrained excitement and a 6-month backlog. I say "restrained" excitement because moldmakers are the superstitious types - they believe if they actually tell someone they're really busy, they'll jinx it and the programs will get cancelled.

Over the past six months, most of the moldmakers I've talked to have boasted that 2011 was the best year "in the company's history." For some of these guys, that's a considerable length of time. So here goes my first prediction:...
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