Online-Services to prepare optimally for the K

Whether you come to the K as an exhibitor or a visitor, we have designed a comprehensive package of services to help you plan your visit easily and efficiently. The shortcuts lead you directly to the corresponding pages.

For all those looking for easy ways to save time: register online at the K portal. For visitors, registering online is an excellent way to gain access to a host of services that will help to make your visit to the K even better. The many advantages include personalised offerings, such as MyOrganizer and MyCalendar for notes and appointments, and MyCatalog for compiling your own individual catalogue.

No waiting at the gates: Ticket presales and activation of admission vouchers. Simply order when and what you want. And at great conditions – by ordering your admission tickets online, you can enjoy attractive rates. Important: Admission vouchers should be activated online by visitors before coming to the fair.
>>>k-online.de/2130 (starting March 2010)

Who is who and where? Answers can be found in the product and exhibitor database.. Exhibitors present their companies and products in the database, which can be searched according to a variety of criteria. Entries include company profile, stand number, extensive product information, links to exhibitor homepages, events at the booth, names of contacts, and much more. Whoever has something to offer provides the details here as a basis for establishing personal contacts. And visitors can find reliable information that helps them plan their tour of the fair effectively. >>>k-online.de/2410

Asking the right questions delivers useful answers: Matchmaking. . The Matchmaker brings exhibitors and interested parties together even before the fair starts. If you have a specific question to put to K exhibitors, are looking for a product to meet special requirements, want to find out about additional functionalities or unusual specifications, you can simply enter your questions with no obligation. Exhibitors at the K whose offerings match your question will reply – and if you find the offer attractive, you decide whether to contact them. >>>k-online.de/2135 (starting March 2010)

A look ahead: Online showrooms. A very popular feature is the showrooms which present the companies in the run-up to the fair. They show the exhibitor’s data sheet, company profile and an overview of their product range, the exhibitor’s press releases and a 3D plan of the hall showing the exact location of the company on the fair ground. >>>k-online.de/2420 (starting March 2010)

Everything at hand: The Catalogue. Orders can be placed from March 2010, catalogues will be delivered from September 2010. Orders can be placed online at >>>k-online.de/2130 (starting March 2010)

Always up to date: with the electronic newsletter. Keeping you abreast of all the latest developments, the electronic newsletter supplies information and news all about the K. It is configured individually to reflect the topics you are most interested in, so that you learn exactly what you want to know. >>>k-online.de/2060

Special review: “Visions in Polymers”. In daily panel discussions, moderated by top-ranking academics and experienced practitioners, participants take a look at what tomorrow could bring. Event dates and further information can be found at >>>k-online.de/2530 (starting March 2010)

As you would expect, the K Portal is also accessible via smartphone:mobile.k-online.de!