One family, many standards


Sabic Innovative Plastics has expanded its Flexible Noryl polyphenylene ether (PPE) resin portfolio with two new extrusion grades—Flexible Noryl WCD883 and WCD933—making it the first portfolio for wire and cable that, according to the company, represents an "end-to-end solution" for customers seeking to comply with U.S., European, and Japanese standards for both AC and DC cables.

The Flexible Noryl family employs non-halogenated flame retardance, meaning that in addition making the materials more sustainable, they support standardization of solutions across "major global markets," and meet the UL VW-1 vertical wire test without halogens or heavy metals. Flexible Noryl resins are said to offer easy processability, and can be used on standard PVC lines. They comply with Europe's HD 21.14 S1:2003 standard for AC cords, UL 758 for appliance wiring and UL 62 for flexible cords and cables in the U.S., and Industrial Standards (JIS) C8303 for AC cords in Japan.
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