On-shoring, off-shoring what’s a manufacturer to do?


We continually hear rumors of massive change in the marketplace for "Off-Shore" products, especially China. Rumors of increased tariffs, increased freight costs, supplier product piracy, poor quality, rising labor costs and so on... So what are manufacturers to do in times like this? Should they pull back and "On-Shore" everything to protect intellectual property? Should they seek to beat the market and keep plugging away full speed in the "Off-Shore" process? The answer is probably to do both.

If you have been "Off-Shoring" products and product development, you have no doubt experienced many of these issues first hand and to you and your development teams they are more than mere rumors - they are facts of everyday life.

When we look specifically at the moldmaking marketplace how do these rumors play out? Let's talk moldmaker to moldmaker about what is going on in China today, and how it is impacting the overall market.

China, especially Guangdong Province has aptly been named "The World's Factory." There are more goods manufactured in this province than in any other single province in this massive country. Among the thousands of factories are countless numbers of moldmaking ventures. These range in size from "small" 30-50 person shops to massive mega factories with literally thousands on staff....
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