O'Sullivan Films joins PVC-replacement project


Some $40 million in R&D and four years later, Invista says it has a new production technology for producing adiponitrile (ADN), a key ingredient for nylon 6,6 polymers and fibers. Invista says the benefits of the new ADN technology include improved product yields, reduced energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions, enhanced process stability and reduced capital intensity, compared to existing technologies. In addition, the company says the new process virtually eliminates benzene from the production process.

Invista, which produces nylon intermediates and polymers, has been operating this new technology for more than two years at a pilot-scale facility at its research and development center in Orange, TX. It is now pursuing deployment plans with the option of installing the new technology at its existing facilities in Orange and Victoria, TX, in addition to a plant Invista is constructing in China.
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