OMAN First tyre recycling plant to open in Batinah by 2017

Al Amri said the plant will convert end-of-life tyres into granules which can again be used for making tyres, asphalt and in other industries.

It will have a capacity to process 30,000-40,000 tonnes per year, as that is the flow of used tyres in Oman currently.

"It is planned in such a way as to utilise the value of the end product and will be supported by a very effective collection system that will bring end-of-life tyres from all over the country to the plant,” he added.

Al Amri said Be'ah will provide the land and a steady and secure flow of tyres, while the plant will be set up with private investment.

The "biggest challenge” is organisation of a used tyre collection system for the country. It is expected to be organised by 2015 and immediately after that work to set up the recycling plant will begin and should be ready by early 2017.

Al Amri said the plant and its collection system will bring a lot of business opportunities for Omani small and medium enterprises and the private sector will play a role in investing in and operating the system and utilising the rubber granules to make new products.

Source: Daily "Oman Tribune”, Muscat; 16 June 2014
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)