OESA partners with Intern in Michigan to find next-gen leaders


The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) announced a partnership with Intern in Michigan to provide its members free access to new technology they can use to find quality internship talent. It’s been obvious from the responses to the OESA’s Automotive Supplier surveys that the skills shortage and difficulty finding good talent in engineering and other manufacturing technical areas are creating bottlenecks for companies.

In the September Automotive Supplier Barometer Survey, Human Resource Capability was the most significant “short-term (12 months) challenge” cited by OESA members. Comments on this question included “Skilled labor shortage. This causes a bottle neck in new product launches"; “ability to recruit talented engineering and sales team members"; “attracting/finding the talent needed to support the growth in the automotive industry, even with its slower projected growth”; and “securing qualified engineering talent to support our new product and manufacturing efforts is our greatest opportunity. Implement plans to attain and attract new employees.”...
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