OEM: Do you know what the condition of your tooling is costing you?


Out of sight, out of mind: Once molds begin running at a molder's facility, many OEMs just forget them. They know little about molds they built and less about those they inherit via acquisitions. Why bother? Hundreds of thousands of reasons, each worth a dollar.

Many OEMs have hundreds of molds running (or on shelves) at molding shops across the country, which makes keeping a handle on the condition of all these molds seem like a daunting task. As a result, molds can run for years with little or no maintenance, especially during times of recession or slow business. Since everyone knows good parts only come from well-maintained tooling. Knowing the condition of their tooling can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the OEMs bottom lines over the life of the mold. But how?...
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