Premiere der Nylonstrumpfhose
© DuPont [dim_it:pic_desc]The US company DuPont de Nemours, which had its headquarters in Wilmington/Delaware, tried to buy the factory in 1916, but Courtaulds was not interested in selling. A joint venture was therefore established in 1920 between DuPont and “Comptoir des Textiles Artificiels” in Paris, from which DuPont Fibersilk Company emerged. In May 1921, the company produced its first yarn at the factory in Buffalo/New York. Three years later, the viscose fibre was given a new name: “rayon”, made up by combining the English word “ray” with the letters “-on” (from “cotton”). In March 1925, DuPont Fibersilk Company therefore started to operate as DuPont Rayon Company.[/dim_it:pic_desc]