Nuga: CentriCut® granulators for plastic and rubber

At K 2010 NUGA AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen, Balgach, Switzerland, presents its completely reviewed range of products of low-wear CentriCut® granulators for grinding plastics and rubber. They are available as stand-alone or in-line systems. The comprehensive series of plastic-recycling systems starts with type 33r for small- and medium-sized parts, sprues and hollow items with a maximum throughput of 500 kg/h, through to type 44slr with a maximum throughput of 2,500 kg/h.

A major focus of development at NUGA AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen is wear-protection. To continue to improve, the company has put its own wear-tester into operation. By applying the results of these tests to the production process, it has been possible to raise the service life of typical wear parts substantially across the entire range of CentriCut® granulators so that these machines can now set industry standards in this respect as well. Users benefit from very low maintenance requirements, long, uninterrupted uptimes and a reduction in costs for the recycling of plastics and rubber.

The innovative machines for the grinding of rubber, newly-developed by NUGA AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen, have successfully completed the test phase. They offer the design advantage of not requiring a cooling agent, which enables significant costs to be saved in rubber scrap recycling, announced the company.

Nuga AG Kunststoffschneidmühlen has been constructing granulators and accessories for the grinding of plastics for over 20 years. They are implemented on a worldwide scale both as central granulators and as secondary granulators in two-stage shredding and granulating lines for all types of plastics, as well as in special applications such as the fine grinding of fibers or rubber. The company has approximately 40 members of staff.

More Information: www.centricut.ch

K 2010, 27.10.-3.11.2010, Düsseldorf, Hall 9, Stand B11