Nucleated polypropylene homopolymer targets thermoforming


A nucleating agent has helped push homopolymer polypropylene (PP) into thermoformed packaging applications with the promise of better haze and less yellowing compared to conventional nucleated PP homopolymers. French PP producer Polychim Industrie is using Milliken's Hyperform HPN-600ei to create HA31XTF PP, which the company says has balanced physical properties, including favorable stiffness/impact balance and isotropic shrinkage behavior that avoids warpage.

In addition, the combination of Polychim's resin technology with high crystallization temperature and isotropic shrinkage behavior provided by Hyperform, the new grade can reportedly allow thermoformers to boost productivity by up to 10%.

HA31XTF PP is aimed at clear PP and opaque thermoformed applications such as food packaging. The previous thermoforming grade, HA30XTF, had a melt flow rate of 3 with a tensile yield strength of 36 MPa, yield elongation of 9.5%, and flexural modulus of 1700 MPa. That grade was also a nucleated homopolymer PP targeting thermoforming and injection molding.