Nova-Institute’s new study finds use of biocomposites rising fast in Europe

Construction and automotive interior parts remain the two most dominant application areas for biocomposite - wood plastic and natural fiber reinforced materials, says a new market report from nova-Institute in Germany. The report, entitled Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) and Natural-Fibre Composites (NFC): European and Global Markets 2012 and Future Trends, will be presented for the first time at the German WPC-Conference, to be held this year on December 10-11 in Cologne. According to nova-Institute, it offers the first comprehensive analysis of the size and role of the wood and natural fiber reinforced composite sector in the European biobased economy.

Data was drawn from a survey conducted in 2013 among WPC and NFC industry, producers and customers. According to the authors, the response rate was exceptionally high, especially from the WPC sector, with more than 50% of the extruded volume of these materials, which amounted to more than 65 European WPC extruding companies in 21 countries, participating in the survey....

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