Nova-Institut: Market study on Bio-based Plastics in the World

Accordung to Nova-Institute there is a wide agreement regarding the lack of a worldwide and solid market study on the fast growing bio-based plastics business. Until today, no coherent and fundamental inquiry of the worldwide bio-based plastics market has been made. Especially data on the rising Asian markets is insufficient. As long as there exists a lack of basic data, growth of the global bio-based plastic market will be impeded due to insecurity and confusion. Thus, there is a need of a comprehensive, solid and worldwide market study. Many stakeholders, too, require reliable and detailed information.

Experienced market researchers from nova-Institute in co-operation with leading international bioplastic experts have developed a full concept for a multi-stakeholder market study solving this essential problem of uncertainty and established a competent team capable of delivering ambitious results.

Nova-Institute invites all stakeholders, associations and companies to be an early subscriber of this market study, i.e. buying the full study in advance for a reduced price of 5,000 € (plus 19% VAT). Early subscribers will not only have full access to intermediate results, but also be part of the advisory board of the project, which will meet four times during the project. A member of the advisory board can place specific questions and influence the topics of the study.

One of the main results of the study is a list of all producers of bio-based plastics in the world. The study will cover all kind of bio-based polymers and plastics - biodegradable and durable, thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers - like starch blends, PLA, PHA/PHB, PBS, CA, Bio-PE, Bio-PDO and many more, including the main bio-based building blocks.

Among others, the following associations and companies have subscribed by the end of September and will join the advisory board:
• Bayer Material Science (Germany)
• DSM (The Netherlands)
• European Bioplastics (Berlin)
• IAR (France)
• Ontario BioAuto Council (Canada)
• Plastics Europe (Brussels)
• PURAC (The Netherlands)
• Roquette (France)
• Tereos Syral (France)

All interested stakeholders can still join the advisory board as early subscribers. Deadline for subscription is October 31st. The market study will start in December 2011 latest. For more details (full "share and win" concept, contract) please contact directly the CEO of nova-Institute Michael Carus (michael.carus@nova-institut.de).