Non-halogenated phthalate-free OnFlex compounds for wire and cable

To meet the demand for a material offering high levels of safety and regulatory compliance, these new products - OnFlex HFFR 310 and OnFlex HFFR 320 - are said to provide an alternative to traditional flexible vinyl jacketing and insulation. For manufacturers of power cords, cables and connectors used in consumer electronics products, they offer a material that complies with UL62 requirements while delivering good performance and aesthetics.
OnFlex HFFR 310 was developed for cable jackets, while OnFlex HFFR 320 was developed for flexible power cord insulation; both are available in black and colourable grades. These materials are said to offer an excellent balance of properties, including superior flexibility, excellent kink resistance, good mar and chemical resistance, and temperature resistance to 105° C. In addition, cable made from these grades received the VW-1 rating for finished cable. OnFlex HFFR 310 and 320 can typically be processed on the same extrusion molding equipment often used for flexible PVC.
"To meet their goals of providing halogen-free materials in computers and consumer electronics, cable manufacturers need new material choices,” said Rick Noller, director of global marketing, GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers. "To help customers comply with current and potential new regulations, we have created OnFlex HFFR technology, which meets the most stringent performance standards for AC and DC power cables and accessory cord applications without the need for halogenated flame retardants. These unique materials are one more example of our focus on innovation to meet customers' needs.”
OnFlex 310 and 320 product lines belong to the GLS OnFlex HFFR TPE platform, which consists of five groups of compounds introduced at Chinaplas 2009. These include:
  • OnFlex HFFR 500 - for coloured power cords and accessory cords

  • OnFlex HFFR 400 - formulated for AC and DC power cords and connectors requiring superior abrasion performance, chemical resistance and good flexibility

  • OnFlex HFFR 300 - offers good processing speed and balance of properties, including good abrasion resistance and wear properties

  • OnFlex HFFR 200 - features robust processing, colourability, and good flexibility for accessory and power cords, and connectors

  • OnFlex HFFR 100 - supplies a cost-effective solution for light coloured AC and DC power cords and connectors