Nissei enjoys hybrid success; debuts new all-electric series

Processors no longer think "Shall I go all-electric or stick with hydraulic or hybrid," according to Nissei Plastic Industrial President Hozumi Yoda. "Now that 'hybrid' machines employing our [inverter-driven] X-Pump drive enable energy savings over standard hydraulic machines close to that achievable with all-electrics, the question is more 'Which is the right machine for my application'," he explains. "You might go for an all-electric for a high precision application but a hydraulic machine if extended holding pressure is required."

This is even the case in Japan, traditionally seen as a bastion of all-electric machines according to Yoda, who also stressed that while the market has seen a proliferation or servo-driven hydraulic pump-equipped 'hybrid' machines hit the market in recent years, Nissei's key differentiator was its patented control technology.