Nissei debuts vertical hybrids


Nissei Plastic Industrial Co. (Nagano, Japan) offers processors a total of 19 machine configurations in its all-new TNX Series of hybrid vertical-injection molding machines debuting this month.

The TNX Series of turntable machines offers five models based on clamping forces ranging from 50 tons to 220 tons, with either center injection (vertical injection from top of the mold; TNX-R-V variant) or parting line injection (horizontal injection from side of the mold; TNX-R-A variant) available. The parting line option is made to order.

The TNX Series employs Nissei's super energy-efficient hybrid X Pump system, consuming 70% less power and 25% less hydraulic oil than a conventional hydraulic machine in the case of the 50 ton TNX50R. This unit boasts maximum injection velocity: 300 mm/sec (2.6-times faster than conventional hydraulic machines) and an injection response time of 60 msec (twice as fast as conventional hydraulic machines).
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